Nail Treatment

Treat Finger and Toenail Fungus with Laser Technology

There’s no denying that the most effective way to treat nail infections is with modern laser technology. specifically, nail fungal infections treated with the laser respond far better than with non-laser onions. Our 


Dynamis SP laser is safe for diabetics and those with poor circulation. It’s also safe for those with cancer and its approved for use on children. The Dynamis SP laser not only gets rid of your fungi; it is also very effective at treating yeast forms, mold, and common bacteria.

It is possible that you feel a slight discomfort that results from the temporary heat produced by the treatment. the heat you’ll feel us produced by the laser and is necessary to constantly kill the fungus. The laser is extremely focused and does not damage your skin any way. Typically, each treatment takes just a few minutes. Once your fungus is removed, we can help you with tip sand techniques to keep it away. 

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