Eltraderm Enzyme Exfoliant



  • Made with Papaya, Pineapple, and Kaolin, our Enzyme Exfoliant provides deep, yet gentle exfoliation, making it ideal for all skin types and most skin conditions, even sensitive skin.
  • Made from high quality, stabilized papain and bromelain enzymes to deliver deeper exfoliation and luminosity with better skin tolerance
  • Helps to refresh the skin’s complexion and renew the skin’s youthful appearance
  • Effective as glycolic acid in delivering brightened complexion, yet without irritation to the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling smoother and softer, with a more even tone
  • May be used for all skin types
  • Lightly fragranced. Paraben-free.

Label and Ingredients Facts:

  • Papaya (Carica Papain)
  • Contains powerful protein digester – papain enzyme
  • Accelerates the skin’s natural exfoliation process by removing damaged skin cells
  • Promotes skin radiance and fortifies the skin during aging
  • Delivers softer, smoother, and brighter skin complexion
  • Anti-inflammatory properties soothe sensitive skin
  • Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Extract
  • Enriched with proteolytic Bromelain enzyme, which dissolves keratin and removes debris from within the pores
  • Loaded with antioxidants that work to prevent cell damage
  • Clarifies the skin and promotes brighter-looking complexion and reduction in discoloration
  • Naturally contains hydroxyl acid which promotes skin cell turnover and reduces signs of aging and appearance of pores
  • Kaolin
  • Known as China Clay – naturally occurring porous soft clay rich in mineral, kaolinite
  • Gentle absorptive properties draw out impurities and toxins to the surface
  • Stimulates circulation which improves healing of blemished skin and prevents formation of new ones
  • Absorbs sebum secreted by the skin to prevent pores from clogging

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